Lucky Dog - About Us
About Us - Our Lucky Dog Family
Bob says: "Welcome to
Lucky Dog!"

Shona striking a pose!
Lucky Dog started in Feb '06 via the vision of Tim Gleason. He
was inspired by the positive feedback and successful
response he'd seen achieved by family members in one of
our sister stores, Thomas Tails, and decided to offer the
same high quality, natural pet products and services in the
Western Suburbs.

And then came Bob..... Bob is a 2-yr old Terrier mix. Tim
"rescued" Bob at a local shelter where he volunteered and
they "connected" at first sight!. Bob came to the shelter
severely injured (by way of an encounter with a car we think)
and, via the miraculous work of the shelter vets, survived
albeit without his right front leg. Well, nobody ever told Bob
that. He's thriving today (with "three wheel drive"), holds his
own with the "big dogs" and has become not only the goodwill
ambassador for Lucky Dog but is frequently the Employee of
the Month. (Walmart greeters have nothing on him!) He's at
the store almost daily to greet customers and, if you've been
there you know, strategically positioned by the treat bowl to
graciously and willingly receive any treats generously given by

And then came Dan ..... Dan is Tim's brother (no he's not a
dog) and he joined the Lucky Dog family in May '07. Dan has
taken over the daily management of Lucky Dog so you'll see
him there daily providing the same friendly, knowledgeable
service you've always received. Dan is the proud owner of a 2
year old Siberian Huskie, named Shona, who's all Huskie
(you Huskie-owners know what we mean). Nevertheless,
she's a beautiful and wonderfully loving family member.

And then came Zak ...... Zak is a 12 week old American
Hairless Terrier puppy, the newest addition to Dan's (and
Lucky Dog's) family. Turns out Kim, Dan's wife, is big time
allergic to Shona so Shona now lives with Tim and Dan's
parents (dog lovers in their own rite) and Zak has  taken over
the "lead dog position" at the Gleason household. (As you
may have guessed the "hairless" part works for Kim's
allergies.) You'll also see Zak at Lucky Dog every day greeting
customers as well as keeping an eye on Dan and making
sure customers are receiving great service. (We had to create
a little competition for Bob as Employee of the Month and we
needed to fill the position of Product Specialist!)

So there you have it; the history of Lucky Dog or as we call it:

The story about two brothers and their three-legged and
hairless dogs! Sounds like the stuff TV sitcoms are made of.

Stop in and see us! Zak and Bob love the treats and we just
love swapping stories about our "family members"!
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